Ultra Light Wt Overmitts

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Price $28.00

Overmitts are back!  Etowah Gear Overmitts have been a long distance hikers favorite item for many years, but have only been available in outlets.

Made with 2-ply Gortex Upperside, urethane coated bottom, and a wrist strap to keep the weather out, Etowah Gear Overmitts are a great gear addition to keep your hands dry and warm in weather where fleece gloves are not required.

Sizing: Measure from wrist to longest finger

           Small 6 1/2 inches, wt 1.0oz

           Med   7 1/2 inches, wt 1.2oz

           Large 8 1/2 inches, wt 1.4oz

           X-Large ( 1/2 inches wt 1.6oz

Colors: Blue or Yellow Uppers, Black bottoms

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