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Silnylon Coyote Brown Now Available!

Our Multi Use Survival Tarp (MUST) Kit comes with a 5x8 1.9oz urethane coated tarp (8 tabs, 3 per side), 6 "V" aluminum tent stakes, 50 foot of 3mm cord, and a stuff sack.  Its the perfect piece to always have in a daypack, car, boat or backpack.  Use it as a shelter, ground cloth, rain cape, awning...te list can go on and on!! Available in Coyote Tan, Woodland Camo, and True Timber MC2. Wt 15oz.

Make it a Silnylon MUST for $19 More and cut the wieght almost in half!! ($51.00) Available in Gray, Dark Forest Green, Blaze Orange only. wt 8oz.

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